Embrace: Self-Love

This month, our guide word is "embrace". Start with yourself. Why have you resisted fully accepting yourself? For many of us, it’s our past. We sacrifice self-love as a form of penance or atonement for whatever real or imagined infractions we committed in the past. Perhaps we’ve been told we’re unacceptable, unlovable, and we’ve come to believe it. I’m here to tell you that you are deeply lovable. Yes, you.

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Simplify: Motivation

Purpose predicates motivation. In the day to day deluge of responsibilities, expectations, and habits, motivation can feel elusive. If depressed, motivation can be difficult to muster, much less maintain. That’s where identifying purpose comes in handy. While our human talents, privileges, and experiences differ, the purpose of each human life is to align with joy as resiliently as we can, and as compassionately as we can, while we move through the world.

What is joy? Joy is the essential state of being alive; joy is the human base-state of peaceful vitality rooted in a deep sense of belonging in self, community, and the natural world. 

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H.M. Hampton