What is Yes2Joy Paradigm Consulting all about? As a joy expert and consultant, I am able to help clients assess their blocks and remove them for increased access to joy in their daily lives. Each client is extensively evaluated based on their personality, preferences, strengths and challenges; then an 8-week program is specifically tailored for their needs. Psychosomatic exercises, visualization, and story-telling are the primary tools of joy consulting.

What it’s not: psychotherapy, counseling, etc.  Mental health professionals are trained in diagnosing and treating mental illness. Joy consulting can be useful in tandem with the help of a mental health professional, but is not an equivalent or a substitute.

Joy Consulting is not a quick fix. These methods and tools are excellent tools for battling depression, but for some clients--depending on their mental health--varying degrees of depression may still come up.

The perspective of Yes2Joy is that it’s safe to feel all your feelings, and that by finding safe ways to feel our feelings, we can learn to navigate them in a loving way. 

How often should I see my Joy Consultant? For new clients, we want to achieve a comfortable momentum to get out of the old unsatisfying habits, and begin creating a mindset of joyful ease. To do this, a commitment of eight weekly sessions is required.

As humans, we’re often slow to change—even when those changes mean JOYFUL ABUNDANCE! We need 30 days of consistently implementing a new habit to begin the change, and another 30 days to gain comfort with that change. 

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