Hi, I'm maya. 

WHen I was 21, a friend asked what my dream job was.

I sarcastically replied: Happiness Coordinator!

As a deeply depressed 21-year-old, I was an unlikely candidate. But because happiness had been such an elusive quality in my life, it had captured my genuine curiosity. 

Was happiness really a choice?

Could depression be healed?

I put my writing degree to use looking for the essential narrative of happiness. I scoured tomes of PSYCHOLOGY, neuroscience, religion, memoir and fiction. I hunted, sniffing out the trail. 

What was the through-line leading to happiness? 

I spent years learning to master the strategies of  happy people.

I quit smoking, started exercising & eating healthy. I uncluttered my life. I set boundaries. Then, I stopped avoiding my emotions. 

I allowed myself to feel the pain and anger I'd numbed out.

It was painful and scary and a massive relief to feel again. I wasn't happy, but I had a clear sense of peace and ease.


I'd had it so wrong for so long! I'd always thought that if I suppressed my "negative" thoughts and feelings, I'd have more energy for "positive" thoughts and happy feelings. 

it never occurred to me how much energy I was wasting by avoiding my authentic emotional experience.

Suppressing your authentic experience won't lead to happiness. 

I used to have so much fear around not being happy enough.

Allowing myself to authentically process my emotions without judgement freed me up to start experiencing deep gratitude.  

That's when I found joy.

I started realizing that happiness is only a small part of the human experience; it's a transitory emotion that's contingent on specific circumstances aligning with your preferences. 

Happiness comes and goes like a flower blooms and withers. 

It's seasonal. It's a fraction of a much larger whole.

Joy is that whole.

Joy is the essence of life. 

Once I recognized that joy as the through-line I'd been looking for, I was overwhelmed with the purest sense of PURPOSE.

New Dream job: Joy Expert! 

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