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Hi, I'm maya. 

I founded Yes2Joy Paradigm Consulting to spread the word that joy is simple. Living a joyful life isn't about having a certain number in your bank account, or a wedding ring on your finger.

What I've discovered through years of research and lived experience is that joy is what we feel when we are living with a sense of oneness and gratitude. 

Oneness + Authenticity + Gratitude = Joy

It's that simple! 

The complicated part is all the stories and habits we have blocking our sense of oneness and gratitude. 

Instead of practicing the courage to feel our feelings and express ourselves authentically, we spend a huge amount of energy pretending that we feel better than we do. 

One of the most damaging things you can do to yourself psychologically is to ascribe shame to sadness.

Suppressing your authentic experience won't lead to happiness. I used to have so much shame and fear around not being happy enough. But, here’s the thing: you won’t feel truly joyful and satisfied with life until you start letting yourself feel whatever you’ve been avoiding.

Authenticity is where the joy is.

Joy is big enough to allow for pain and rage and uncertainty. Joy will be there through every stage of the healing process. Joy touches every aspect of our lives, because joy is life.

I’ve dedicated my life to researching and teaching joy practices because I know first hand how frustrating it is to crave more from life and not know how to get it.

I spend years suffering with treatment resistant depression and suicidal thoughts. I get it.

But you don’t have to be miserable to need help feeling more joy in your life.

I’ve created the Yes2Joy Program to help folks get clear on what’s draining their joy, and how to change it.  Some of the most common joy drains people struggle with are lack of resilience, boundaries, gratitude and connection.

If you’re like me, you’re willing to do the work, you just need help figuring out exactly what “the work” is.


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