Joy & Prosperity Transformation!  This program is designed to give you support in acknowledging, understanding and eliminating the blocks that are keeping you from living your most joyful and prosperous life. 


Date Like You Mean It!  This program is designed to help career-driven professionals put the joy back in dating. Get clarity around what you really want in a relationship, and actionable advice on EXACTLY what to do differently in order to succeed. 


Healing With Joy! This program offers narrative-based healing tools for anyone who wants to reclaim their story with joy. You are not your past. You are what you perpetuate. Discover how to turn wounds into power and wisdom. 


1-on-1 Power Hour Strategy Session! This offer is exclusively for folks who believe in the power of NOW! Now is the time to get the answers and direction you need. Why wait?


Intuitive Guidance Reading! Tune into your innermost wisdom as a joy warrior with the help of Maya's exclusive readings. Maya specifically created the Intuitive Warrior Deck to embody the uniquely life-affirming perspective of Yes2Joy Paradigm Consulting.