Joy & Prosperity Training


This program is dedicated to getting you aligned with your highest joy. Alignment means adjusting your thoughts, actions and physical body to be in direct correspondence with your desired outcome.

The exercises in this program will help you acknowledge, understand and eliminate the blocks that are keeping you from living your most joyful and prosperous life. 

What to expect

  • In-depth evaluation of personality & desires
  • Customized joy & prosperity alignment strategy
  • 1-on-1 strategy sessions; deep dive into your questions and get actionable feedback.
  • Weekly action-oriented homework.


  • Reconnecting to inner joy
  • Harness gratitude + the Law of Attraction
  • Giving and receiving with ease
  • Overcoming prosperity blocks
  • Establishing energetic flow


In-depth Initial Evaluation $185

10, weekly 1-on-1 Joy & Prosperity strategy sessions $900

Bonus: 3 Intuitive Guidance Sessions. ($300 Value)

Ask yourself: What's the better R.O.I. 

Slogging through another 5 years in the muck of mediocrity, or investing in becoming the version of yourself you've always wanted to be?