Joy is the essence of life.

Joy is the human experience of source energy.

Source energy is what connects you with the universe as a whole. 

Imagine the yellow area represents joy.



Joy is not an emotion. Joy is the state of being.

the multi-colored area represents your capacity for emotion.

joy sphere (2).png

Emotions indicate your needs and desires.

Emotions-like happiness, grief, awe, and sadness-help us navigate our internal and external worlds by cluing us in on what's important, and what our personal preferences are.

Emotions are meant to serve you, not enslave you.

When you learn to recognize and honor your emotional experience as a human being you no longer have to live in fear of being overwhelmed or out of control.

Don't let your emotions obfuscate your joy.

It is ESSENTIAL to DIFFERENTIATE your immediate emotional experience from your EXISTENCE as a vessel of joy.

Emotions are only a small part of your total experience.

Remember, Joy is your essence.

When you feel overwhelmed by emotion, reframe.

return to your essence.

It may be tempting to shut down or compartmentalize.

But when you shut down your emotions, they can't serve you.

Shutting down emotions is like turning off your internal GPS.

you'll be lost.

This condensed sphere represents what happens when you try to shut down your emotions.

all your emotions are stuck inside you, manifesting as tension.

open to joy.png

When you shut down your willingness to experience pain, you also shut down capacity for happiness.

When you block one emotion you block them all equally.

Capacity for emotion is interdependent. 

As much as you may like to think that emotions can be compartmentalized--that's not how it works. 

The longer you live with this tension of blocked emotions, the more challenging it is to align with joy.

Opening up requires courage. that courage is rewarded with joy.

This open sphere represents what happens when you remain open to experiencing your emotions.

The tension of unaddressed emotion will begin to DISSIPATE as you allow yourself to feel what you've been resisting. 

open to joy (1).png

The joy perspective encourages you to feel all your feelings, while being acutely aware that joy is the essence of life.

Happiness is only a small part of joy.

It's okay to feel angry, sad, afraid and/or resentful. 

the more compassionately you allow yourself to feel, the more capacity you will have for healing and happiness.