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What to expect

Analysis The first session is a series of questions designed to reveal strengths, challenges and beliefs. From that information, I assess what your primary “joy drains” are. Then, I create a program that helps you achieve meaningful progress towards reclaiming joy in the areas where you’re currently being drained. Some of the most common joy drains people struggle with are lack of resilience, boundaries, gratitude and connection.

Phase 1 is primarily about digging into beliefs and reframing during session, then skill acquisition through the homework. You’ll be given program homework after the first session and every following session. The homework generally takes 1-3hrs, depending on the person.

Phase 2, we’ll meet every other week. You’ll have homework both weeks, and will email me your progress as well as any questions you have. Phase 2 is where you get to build trust with yourself to implement your new skills and perspectives.



Clients say they leave the program feeling better grounded, more grateful and a better understanding of how to experience the joy they want out of life.

After the 8 sessions are completed, many clients choose to stay on because there are more areas they want to focus on and skills they want to build. I offer 10% off the session price for up to 8 additional sessions for new clients who have completed the Yes2Joy Program.





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