JOY > happiness

Most people aren't aware of the fundamental differences between joy and happiness. Although joy is often used as a synonym for happiness, they are quite different! 

Happiness cannot stay in the same space as sorrow, grief, anger or pain.

Joy can softly hold the entire spectrum of human experience.

Reconnecting to your joy means clearly redefining these terms, and adjusting your mindset to make room for joy in every experience. Although happiness is not authentic in every experience, joy is because joy is a life-affirming reminder to remain present with the gift of today.  

Research indicates that gratitude is the gateway to joy.

It's up to you to find the blessings in your experience, and cull wisdom from your wounds.

Radical joy requires radical personal agency. Every person is responsible for their own emotional experience, and powerfully defining their own story. No one else has the power to control how you feel, or dictate your future.

Living with authentic joy is the one of the only privileges every living person has access to.  

The challenge: there's daily work involved.

The promise: joy is your birthright.


A Note From Maya


Hello Joyful,

I may be a joy expert now, but I've sure taken a lot of detours en route to living this work. I used to get so frustrated when people would tell me to "choose happiness", because that choice wasn't available with the amount of pain I was in. 

I founded Yes2Joy Paradigm Consulting with one simple mission: teach people the difference between happiness and joy, so they can connect with the power in their stories, and reclaim the joy in their lives.

I'm dedicated to spreading the good news that there's deeper, richer fulfillment in life than happiness--and it's accessible to everyone, no matter what their story is. 

I teach what I know, because reclaiming my joy has completely transformed my life. 

I suffered through grueling bouts of depression that persisted from age ll, to age 23.

At 22, I studied how to "rewire" the depressed brain. What I found in positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, was a return to self--a return to joy I had never known.

That healing and return to joy is the path that I teach as a consultant.  

I believe joy is the life force in every person. 

I believe it is possible to acknowledge and heal pain by reconnecting to the life force of joy within you. 

I believe in the power of positive change. I believe in radical personal agency. I believe challenges are invitations to higher levels of pleasure, prosperity and connection. 

I believe amazing things happen when we follow our joy.

You don't need a reason to connect to joy. 

Life is joy. You ARE joy. 

This perspective is the conscious paradigm shift that occurs when you release the unconscious patterns that keep you stuck. 

I'm here to help you create a joyful reality based in gratitude, agency, generosity and community.